ARTENG provides measurement services to solar, wind and biomass projects for sponsors, financial entities and buyers.
The clearest information about the renewable energy plant which is at operation phase is provided to the client
after electro-mechanic materials are measured by our professional team using reliable measurement devices.

Solar Projects

- I-V (curve) measurement
- Power-Voltage (P-V graph) measurement
- PV arrays insulation tests
- PV connection functionary tests
- Inverter function test
- Protective grounding measurement
- PV modules polarity tests
- Thermal camera control of PV modules
- Galvanize thickness
- Visual record of the plant with Drone
- AC and DC systems visual control
- Security, monitoring and communication systems visual control
- Thermal camera control of inverters
- Thermal camera control of DC and AC combiner boxes
- Thermal camera control of transformers
- PV connection open circuit voltage
- PV connection short circuit current
- Micro and macro cracks detection by E-L camera
- Performance Ratio
- Module mounting and connections convenience control with project design
- Verify certificates validity of modules and inverters
- Verify tags of modules, inverters, fuses and cables
- Open caution tags and plates
- Control of emergency status procedures
- Cable sections, connections and protection convenience control with project design
- Grounding system convenience control with project design
- Lightening protection systems convenience control with project design
- Mounting structure convenience control with statically project design
- Module and inverter installation convenience control with installation guide which is provided by producer
- Confirm the O&M contract being applied