Project Management

ARTENG provides project management services to solar, wind and biomass projects for sponsors,
EPC contractors and financial entities.
This helps the stakeholders of the projects to accomplish targets of the project.
ARTENG manages initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, control and closing process groups.

Solar & Wind & Biomass Projects
Development Activities

- Identify site
- Site assessment
- Site meteorological data assessment
- Obtain required documents and permissions
- Obtain legislative obstacles
- Develop restriction map
- Procurement and installation of measurement station
- Analyze measurement data
- Wind farm Micrositing
- Perform project application
- Obtain grid connection point
- Engineering design
- Obtain environmental impact assessment
- Obtain zoning plan
- Obtain grid connection agreement
- Obtain PPA

Solar & Wind & Biomass Project

- Project planning
- Project integration management
- Develop project charter
- Project scope management
- Identify milestones
- Develop scope baseline
- Project time management
- Develop schedule baseline
- Project cost management
- Develop cost baseline
- Project human resources management
- Project communication management
- Project procurements management
- Project stakeholder management
- Project closing